Tuesday, February 19, 2008

currently working

I rarely ever paint on canvas, in fact pretty much never. Yet here i am, delving into (what is for me) a somewhat different learning process which requires less delicate more numerous layers and less detailed strokes (so far). I think i get so set in my ways at times. A little stirring up from the monotony can help open our eyes and teach us at the same time. And i can hardly wait to see how this painting comes along, grows, and develops as i curse the word "canvas" over and over until it loses it's meaning and becomes love. Perhaps i should post some "in progress" shots of this one in particular to share my love hate relationship. Although for now, i sleeeeeeeeepppp......

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Chris said...


Welcome to blogville.

Is it something in the air or the time of year that has everyone in a funk?

I'm working on my paintings for the rome show right now, they kind of hate me for some reason. I need to have a talk with them to see if we can reconcile.

I had no idea I was the singer for under the influence of giants! how do you figure?

keep it moving kiddo.