Tuesday, January 8, 2008

how to get started on a new body of work

well, it's the beginning of a new year. i have planned and scheduled a lighter work load in order to pay more attention to each piece, watch them grow and radiate into a new chapter. up until recently, i've worked along with my personal stories, happenings, and rememberings. but the story writing process looms closely inside my imagination....

so where do we begin?
i've been curious about this all day.
i love to hear where other creative types get there motivation.
for me, i decided to start with a trip to the beach. always brings back great memories, and i'm ever so fortunate to be living only 20 minutes away if traffic allows. i guess i'll start this month (and this blog which i've had for half a year and no attention) by becoming more adventurous. paying more attention to detail, color theory, and content out there in the open space.....maybe i need a breather from the studio, and a break from isolation.



maybe i need to perfect my sand castle:)

here is the the first piece of the new year titled "luminous edge of beginnings" (hence new year, fresh start)..


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