Tuesday, March 9, 2010

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Friday, October 30, 2009

"True Self" exhibit Jonathan Levine Gallery NY oct 24 - nov 21

This is one of my most mind opening pieces so far on a personal scale. Gary said, "create a piece which shares your true self beyond the way you may appear in a mirror or to friends and so on." Usually i take these themed shows with a grain of salt and create loosely in the guidelines. However, I feel there is this shift going on inside me and a very soft and sentimental image appeared to me for this. Titled "Imagineer", I represent how i feel about me as being the soul with 9 lives (though i've only lived 2 so far i believe). I am encouraged by YOU to continuously grow from the thoughts in my subconscious and to seep out visual messages through the tips of my fingers. When i'm here working, my thoughts generally find my youngest years before i was ever hurt, or struggled, or loved, or lost or helped...Its an interesting world being a painter, when it's the core of your soul. We wear our heart on our sleeves, and easily get lost in our minds. This piece sparked something in me, and i've been painting voraciously ever since... :)

visit the site here: www.jonathanlevinegallery.com

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

hey hey!

ahhhh, just getting into some serious painting, upon my return from this years baby tattooville. sadly, i took NO fotos. however, they tend to post them up, post event, as well as the great artists who were also there enjoying the festivities. i had a great time! and as always so good to be with friends and new friendly faces. now, i'm back to solitary confinement, with a big solo show coming in march. for anyone who knows me, they know how meticulously slow i paint.... so i wanted to share a little secret....shhhhhhh! i do have some help along the way. it's not like i wake up and there are little critters painting while we sleep




no no, of course not! i have some REAL little helpers who often give me the chance to sleep inbetween painting sessions


unfortunately michael and louie often disagree, and someone always ends up getting hurt. but i'm ever so grateful:) L to R Louie, Crepe Suzette, Annie, Jeng Kang (hi hi puffy ami yumi), Michael Jackson, and of course, the Stay Puft Marshmallow man.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

acme at comic con

here is an interpretive alice in wonderland piece i was asked to create for the team at acme . they will have a booth at this years comic con booth #5429 . prints will be available for this piece, but the original is not for sale. i hope to see you there!

please also look for me at the hifructose booth #4735 located in the Toy Growers section, for prints signing saturday from 12 to 1pm... or was it 1 to 2? either way, nathan spoor, travis louie, chris ryniak, attaboy, annie owens and more will be signing throughout the day!

comic con is just around the corner!

in fact, it's 2 days away:)
i have the privledge of working with mark murphy again this year, and the launch from the planet illogica family!
Planet Illogica Extravaganza and Art Exhibition
Friday : JULY 24, 6:30PM – 12:30 AM
Please join us for a major art happening that delivers fine art, live music featuring Taylor Bates composer of “300,” “Watchmen,” cash bar, food and great friends : RSVP for this great event held at a Andy Warhol styled warehouse space minutes away from the San Diego Comic-Con convention hall : RSVP today and jump in :

Planet Illogica Extravaganza featuring art, music, fashion and great friends. Live painting on nude model by Ron English.

Location : Wonderhaus : 1441 L Street : San Diego : CA : 92101 :


+++Featured Artists+++
David Van Alphen : Jonathan Bergeron : Chris Buzelli : Bob Dob : Molly Crabapple : Amy Crehore : Steven Daily : Brendan Danielsson : Leslie Ditto : Travis Lampe : Jason Limon : Travis Louie : Lola : Tim Mantoani : Dan May : Mike Maxwell : Brandi Milne : Joel Nakamura : Kathie Olivas : Nathan Ota : Brandt Peters : Luke Ramsey : Chris Ryniak : Erik Sandberg : Raudiel Sanudo : Mijn Schatje : Nathan Spoor : Matt Stallings : David Russell Talbott : Jon Todd : Joe Vaux : Marco Wagner : Jeni Yang

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

for the past few months

i have been working on my rendition of willy wonka's veruca salt for the crazy for cult show at the swanky little, gallery 1988 . this piece is intimidating to say the least - as i am a fan of both roald dahl, and the magical genius, tim burton - who have been stimulating both visually and interpretively since my informative years and are huge sources of inspiration.
i knew after watching both films that the piece would have to have it's own life, and took an open ear while listening to a johnny depp interview on his process of becoming wonka. instead of filling those shoes, "make a new pair of shoes".
both dahl and burton, (not to exclude mel stuart for giving us the first film, nor the wonderful cast who brought the films to life) showed us "younger dreamers" that it's ok to live in a creatively different world, and it's a reachable goal to create and be successful. so this piece has deeper value to me than just a contribution to the gallery. it is a thank you on many levels.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

field trip!

a recent outing with gregg gibbs to one of the oldest framers in los angeles. this place was crazzzzy! here are some pics:) http://picasaweb.google.com/lolaandthetree